“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

What ideas and questions resonate with your experience of beauty? Here are some I am considering:

“Stepping through beauty,” we are beauty.

Beauty is essential to our bodies, minds, spirits and well-being.

Beauty-in-interaction with others is essential to our growth and well-being.

Appreciating beauty enlivens us.

Beauty sustains us.

Nature needs us to nurture it with our appreciation.

Even the tiniest gesture, incident or moment may awe us with its beauty.

Beauty nurtures our humanity.

Trauma, pain and/or power-struggles blind us to beauty.

There is a positive intention with addiction: a reaching for an experience of beauty.

As defeating as it can be, addiction is a striving to fulfill a need for more beauty.

We are born beautiful and being human is an art form.

A workshop participant told us that Robert Gonzalez, speaks of ” the beauty of needs.” When we appreciate the living energy, positive value, and implicit meaning of our needs, we attend to them with caring attention.

Beauty restores our innocence.

Beautiful art expresses the artist’s spirit and nurtures the soul of the audience.

In psychotherapy, the client’s spirit is expressed through beauty in unique ways in each therapeutic relationship.

At it’s finest, psychotherapy is the art of beauty-in-interaction.

People turn to psychotherapists not solely to receive help with presenting problems, but also to experience more beauty within and around them.

Restorative, empathic experiences are similar to beautiful passages in art, literature, music or dance; we are awed and nurtured by them.

Beauty-in-interaction nurtures our humanness. . .

“Beauty is the illumination of your soul. ” -John O’Donohue

Is there less “real beauty” in the process of painting, or psychotherapy, than in the process of flapping wings? I sense not. I want to soar too, but I am just beginning as a human and as a painter. Flying takes a lot of wing power, which requires food, shelter, water… The beauty of nature depends upon a life-giving-creative-interactive process that often includes painful moments when things fall apart or die. And sometimes, things become stronger, in a “natural” creative process of erasure and repair. Though it does not always feel infused with passion. there is beauty in the process, not just the product. Though someone may purchase a flower, painting, or psychotherapy session, and not know how to see the deeper beauty in it, it does not make the flower, painting, or the person, any less beautiful. I would not deprive a person a flower, a beautiful painting, or a session, simply because they do not yet know how to fully appreciate it. Being in the presence of something beautiful always enhances life: being alive is a process of interacting with nature and beauty, outside and within.

This is a living/growing list of words I have heard associated with beauty. What words do you want to add to this collection?:

Joy, passion, chiaroscuro, empathy, elegance, grace, gratitude, forgiveness, embodiment, presence, mindful, mindfulness, grace, sacred, harmony, love, lovable, loving, generous, well-done, excellence, perfection, reflection, imperfection, sacred, compassion, kindness, full-of-light, mystery, risk-taking, designs, symmetry, chaos, wisdom, loveliness, love, adventure, sweetness, soul, nature, nurture, nurturing, understanding, soothing, masterful, decay, light, dark, darkness, sex, orgasm, orgasmic, spirit, free, freedom, intelligence, art, artful, artfulness, abstraction, contained, embrace, design, knowing, known, unknowing, clarity, space, balance, felt-sense, felt-sensing, alive, aliveness, meaning, meaningful, lovely, joy, joyful, enlightening, enlightenment, unprecedented, live-saving, peace, calm, strength, vulnerable, innocent, open, closed, asymmetry, asperity, simplicity, economy, austere, modest, intimacy, forgiving, forgiven, nurtured, understood and soothed…

Photograph of Marcie’s Catskills Garden © Marcie Klein 11/2011

Woman at Spring Studio (Pencil on Paper) © Robin Kappy 11/2011

Joy (Oil Painting-Unfinished) © Robin Kappy 11/2011

2 Responses to IDEAS/WORDS

  1. More Beauty Words:
    forgiving, forgiven
    nurtured, understood and soothed

  2. Ina Claire Gabler says:

    This essay is a flowing meditation. The art conveys different aspects of beauty that visualize the written thoughts. So calming and a reminder of what matters each day, that the everyday is a time and place to cherish.

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