I am a Radio Personality!

“The person who has lived the most is not the one who has lived the longest, but the one with the richest experiences.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Doug Gunther of Woodstock Radio in Woodstock New York came upon my blog and invited me to be an interviewee on his popular show, and to contribute to a blog he will be producing in 2013. In addition to my highlighting this blog, Mr. Grunther discussed my work as a Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapist. This was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to Mr. Grunther for the opportunity to speak about the things that matter to me and, in particular, about Focusing. I hope you will enjoy listening to me speak of my ideas, work and focusing:

Woodstock Radio 100.1/December 9, 2012: Robin Kappy on the Radio 12:9:12

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