Attuning to Beauty

“We each have a sixth sense that is attuned to the oneness dimension in life, providing a means for us to guide our lives in accord with our ideas” -Henry Reed

The word attune means to bring into harmony (a word often associated with beauty) or to make aware or responsive. This attunement is to inspire a sense of harmony, awareness and receptiveness with beauty.

The following could be read aloud to you, allowing for pauses between each direction or question. Some people record attunements for easy playback. Or, you may simply read the questions, to help you have a self-guided session.

Begin by making yourself physically comfortable in a seated or lying down position and allowing your breath to come to a restful place. Perhaps close your eyes, or leave your eyes open with a soft focus, as you bring your awareness inside.

Maybe there is something that needs attention before you can even consider the topic of beauty. If so, take time to acknowledge this issue or place inside you. If you need to attend to this now, please do so, and bring your attention back to this attunement when and if there is something in it for you. Or perhaps you may place the issue aside, just for now, to return to after the attunement, when you may find a fresh sense of it.

And now, if it feels right inside, I invite you to encourage an open tone and attitude inside yourself, and allow for some sense of curiosity about this whole thing about beauty.

Notice a sense of the room around you, and what this brings for you inside. Is there something beautiful about being in this room…anything at all?

Perhaps you have a sense of nature somewhere outside or inside…there may be a something of the season, or the weather, even as you are in this room. Notice something naturally beautiful here, in this moment in time.

I invite you to sense into all or any of the following questions, as you continue bringing your awareness in towards your sense of experience. Slowing down, as you bring your awareness inside to whatever is here for you about beauty:

What of our whole earth and the natural world touches you as being beautiful?

What artistic expression is beautiful?

What moral virtues and values are beautiful?

What beauty have you experienced in relation to others?

Is there something beautiful for you in social actions and citizenship?

What have you experienced of the spiritual, immaterial, transcendent?

What qualities of the people you love are beautiful?

What of these qualities and things are aspects are within you too?

What of you is beautiful?

Is there a sense of there being “more” here about beauty? If so, what is something about this “more”?

Is there some way you want to know, experience, or reflect beauty in your life?

What of this very moment is beautiful?

If there is something in the way of words that you want to come away from this attunement with, see if you can find a word or two or sentence that resonates with your sense of what beauty means to you now.

Taking your time, if it is there, notice where in your body you most have a sense of the meaning of beauty, so you may find and return to this place again.

Gently bring your awareness back to the room.

Photographic Image: Stony Point Woods © Robin Kappy 11/2011

“Free Diver” (Oil Painting) © Marissa Bridge 2011

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